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Automag Trick

By: Jim Burke

OK, on Ravi's page these is a little section on filing down the On-Off pin to get increased gas recharge time. However, there is one that is not listed there and this page goes over it's effects.
I will say this now, I just went out and replaced all the parts that are mentioned in the page, why? Read on.
So what I thought was: "Why not just file down all three pieces for a better recharge time?" So I did just that, I filed down the On-Off Pin, the Brass ring, and the other piece in there.
I just filed them down a bit, mabey 1/4 to 1/2 a millimeter. However, for these small change the effects were major.
To put it bluntly, my gun is still legal for normal + tourny play, but it will shoot hot on command. (Now I mean hot, like 450 fps)
Now how is that possible? Well, here is what happened. I put the tank on my gun and turned it on, and walked over to the chrony.
First shot, KRACK..beeeeeeeeeeeppp (the chrony makes a sound if the shot is over 300 fps), 450 fps.
So after seeing that I turn the gun down alot, and volia, it dosen't fire. I turn the gun off. So I turned up the velocity to about where it was and fired again, 330.
Now, I'm thinking better, so I turn the gun down a bit more and fired again, 270. Seeing this I fired again about a second later, 230, another second later, 230.
After seeing this I waited a bit to see what would happen, Next shot, about 10-15 seconds later, 330. After playing around with waiting and firing, I realized that the longer you waited in between shots the fast your shot would be.
Now how is that legal? Well, since you usuall get one clearing shot, it is possible to avoid chronying the first shot, which will be hot 90% of the time because the gun has been sitting for a while.
Then since you would have set the velocity to be at around 280 with about a 2 second delay, you could shoot the next three + shoots with very little to worry about. Sure, if you rapid fired you velocity might go down to about 250.
However, the benefit is that you can sit back out of their range and shoot them once every 5-7 seconds. You have just traded rate of fire for range.
Now, I don't like this, nor do I belive in doing this. Yes, I know I made the page telling the world about it, but that's to bring it to your attention.
It took a lot of thought for me to decide if I should make this page. What made my mind up was an example from baseball. Everybody knows about the effects of a pitcher using a scuffed ball, but how many baseball pitchers you know actually do it?
That is what I'm thinking here, if everybody knows about it, then they can watch out for it.
What I see in this is that there might be some other ways people are cheating in both tourny's and open games that are kept hush hush.
I don't know how an autococker works, but I would assume that it is possible for something simmilar to be done to those guns also.


this page has been altered in part from its original format