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Ghillie Suits & Paintball

O.K Here's what I have so far, I have constructed 2 different suits.
the first one I made was the BDU method, I got a camouflaged jump suit and a few square yards of real tree camo fabric and followed the directions for the BDU method on my "Ghillie Suit" Page.
When I was finished making it it looked REAL good but when I went to the field that I play at the judges said ghillies suits were not allowed. After begging and pleading they allowed me to use it for one game.
I can sum this up in one sentence, THEY NEVER SAW ME!
When I had to move I moved slow, when I had a shot I took it, the only bad thing is that I only got 3 shots off before they knew the direction where the shots came from, but never saw me.
Then they closed in on me,found me and lit me up like the 4th of july
My mistake was I gave my position away when I moved because I could not see how close they were to me.
Then after that I was always the hunted instead of the hunter cause they were looking for me.
So after a day of paintball I thought about my mistakes and how I can improve them,(as some of us usually do) then the light upstairs went on! I thought "what I need is a suit that can be balled up and easily to be concealed onto the field so that no one knows that I have a suit (except for my team) so the next day I went out to the store and bought some supplies Click Here for the my version of the simple net ghillie suit
This one was so much better I could see through it, I could roll it up and sneak it in, I could put tree branches and other vegitation in it, I could lay down in one position put my barrel through the holes and shoot!
When I had to I could get up and run but difficult to run through bushes with it, and it was light weight. By far i thought the "Homemade" one I thought of was better

This section is still being researched so check back soon

If you made a "Ghillie Suit" and tested it in the field send me an e-mail and let me know how it went and I'll post it HERE, or if you tried my way let me know how it worked for you

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