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When playing paintball at night time, you only need 2 of the 5 senses

1) Sight
2) Hearing

It is possible to see in the dark with just a limited amout of light, as long as you do not focus directy on the object.
For example go into a room place an object on the floor in the corner or where ever, using a limited amout of light like the moonlight shining through your window or the brightness of a digital clock, these are just examples you can use anything you wish as long as it has limited light, even a candle would be to bright

When I say limited amount of light I mean low illumination

Now turn off the lights and wait a few seconds for your eyes to get use to the darkness, now focus directly on the object you placed in the corner of the room
where is it? now focus slightly to the left or right of the object the look out the corner of your eye now you see it!
How this works I really don't know I'm still working and that part, any how thats some pretty amazing shit huh?
This method even works even better outdoors go ahead and try it in your back yard. And you even see better like this when the object is moving, the longer you spend in the dark the more your vision adapts to it.

next is hearing, in the woods if it is pitch dark and you have no light your visibilty becomes almost zero, to the point you can't even see your hand 5 inches from your face thats when you have to depend on your hearing
If all is quiet your hearing is impeckable to the point where you can hear the slightest peep, you can even use the crickets to your advantage, (if there are any around) ever notice when your hear crickets chirping they stop when you get near them?
You can use that to your advantage when you're waiting in ambush listen to the crickets around you when they stop chirping you know someone is near.
If and when you shoot at the noise in the distance shoot the the left or right of it never directly at it, because the noise is usually in front or behind the object that is moving. Also you might want to wait until the noise is pretty close to you because the pop of your gun will alert that person and possibly give you position away

Although it is virtual impossible to see in the complete darkness unless you have night vision goggles or scope, there are no real tactics to paintball at night
You might have heard about painting you sight guides with illumious paint and stuff like that but when your in complete darkness you can see shit.
This page is of my own experience playing at night, and I play at night often. I will be paying 1 more time before the end of this summer so I hope to add more to this page. Check back in a few weeks I'm working on plans of a paintball tactic light to use on your gun for night time battles.

If you would like to add anything to this page just email me with night tactics in the subject field

Until then
--shoot straight--

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