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Story of
The Shadow

When you a newbie no one wants you on their team cause you have no clue on what your doing. Thanks to a few people for taking me under their wing and showing me how the game is played. Ever since then I've strived to be a better player, I watch others play and make mistakes and I learn from them, now I,m the expierenced one showing other newbies the ropes and in doing so I've learned some new things, and came up with my own tactics and they work great for me, I'm never seen during the game and only been hit by lucky shots. Because of this the people I play with call me The Shadow, and ever since then I've kept the name. And now I'm sharing some tactics with you, If followed correctly and know it like the back of your hand this and other tip and tactics on this site will make a somewhat feared player.

Anticipation of death is worse then death itself

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