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Silencer Construction

Well I completed construction on silencers but further invesigation tell me that it's not wise to have, build, or buy silencers for any type of fire arms.Click here to find out why
Now i dont know if you can consider a paintball gun a fire arm cause it dont use gun powder for an ignition source, but anyhow I have dismantled the silencer in fear that i might be jailed and/or fined out the ass.
However i did get the chance to test it on a paintball gun, and man does it give a new meaning to the word silent! and i mean silent! I shot at a squirl and he never knew what hit him!
Now if you can hit a squirl with out spooking him with the sound of a loud paintball gun then it must work
But i'm sorry to say I cannot (for legal reasons) post on how to construct a paintball silencer. But, I can link you to the page where I got the information. Click Here

With this information, a little bit of research at the local public library, a visit to the local Home Depot, some inginuity and some modificaions of my own, I was successful in buliding and mounting a silencer for my paintball gun.

However I do ask that if you make one e-mail me and let me know how it worked out for you, but DO NOTe-mail me and ask what i did to modify it or even mount it
Or if you want to take the easy way out and take someone elses ideaClick Hereand check it out for yourself


For those who play on outlawed fields and those who play on fields that will permitt it, homemade paintball gadgets
Click Here

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