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(The Good, The Bad, and The Muddy)

I used one of my fathers old flight suits to construct mine. It was useful because it is like coveralls and it was green to begin with. I used about three yards of dyed hunter green burlap and about a yard of a meduim type brown. There is also a bag and a half of Spanish moss tied in there along with a few leaves and things (Florida has a wide variety of terrian) Most areas are covered great (the lower legs need a little work but I found that not to sacrifice my position at any time).
On my first day using it you were right about a few things, before we even got on to the playing field. The refs were not happy to see me wearing this get up... I know most of them and the just voiced there concern in sentences that consisted of "Man, its going to suck doing a paint check on you!" The owner of the field thought it was cool however (don't really understand that one). He said, "You got a bird nest in there or what?".
Funny guy...
You were also right about people suddenly thinking your the greatest threat in the world and wanting to kill you right away "Just so there is no surprises later in the game"
First couple of games went great! Got many kills by people who never saw me (what a great feeling that is!). I found that what they say about ghillie suits in different color terrian is, for the most part, correct. The suit does seem to change colors to match the surrounding cover. When I was in tall grass and was squatting real low, the hunter green seemed disturbingly light in color (my friend said in very bright light it appears a little turquoise in color *worry*) Later in the day I choose to use the creek as my method of approach.
The suit blended even better in the shadows and dark mud and sand than the grass. I do not know, however, if my back being covered in mud had anything to do with that success... You see, another reason I am now glad that there is not too much shredded burlap around my legs is because at around 11:00 during a game where my my postion had been sacrificed after shooting someone
(please refer to your example of the enemy knowing your general direction and lighting you up like the fourth of July)
I was stymied my own protection. When I stood up to run I found I could not stand up all the way becuase I had been squating on straps that were connnected to my butt (glad I triple stitched this baby). That all equals real quick trip backwards into a small stream full of mud (oh yeah, and getting the crap shot out of you:)
It was good fun and I learned that if you do this trick early on then you are hunted a little less strenously by the opposition *smile*. Over all though I will now always take my ghillie suit with me every time I go paintball. It works great, just like you said. There was one guy who spent about four minutes staring at me from about 30 feet away, while he stood in the middle of an open trail (dumb).
At the end of four minutes he decided that he might as well shoot at what ever it is that he is looking at just to be one the safe side. He then raised his pro-lite and took aim... but never got a chance to fire. Hee hee I love it!
This month I will be going to a Wayne Dollack scenario game and hope to get a lot more use out of my suit. It should be good of fun. Your page has TONS of extremely useful stuff and is a great resource. I hope to see your information on night fighting as soon as it is up and running. That should prove useful in the upcoming game.

Brian Cain