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My Ghillie Suit Supplies

Here are the things I used and how I made it, it's very simple

I took the net and laid it flat on the floor
I Took the fabric and laid that flat
I cut the fabric into strips, then I cut the strips to 13 inches long
I folded one end over a hole and sewed it together so that I would have 12 inch strips hanging and I continued until all the spaces were filled
Then I tried it on and cut the net so it was long enough to hide all of me but yet short enough to be able to run
And there you have it! that was simple enough wasn't it?
then when you get to your field of play you can grab some light tree branches and stick them through the holes to make you a look more like a bush or tall grass or what ever you play in
Well Good Luck

--Shoot Straight--

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