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Ambush Tactic

Here is a tactic I made up I call it the "Snake Bite" The object is to push the sides of the field and catch the other team in a cross fire, or out flank them. Team "o" is in formation (12 man team) 5 on the left 5 on the right and 2 in the middle lets split team "o" into 2 groups, (groups 1 & 2) group 1 & 2 moves up the field similtaniously until a group meets resistance, then the other team starts to push one side towards the other team to make the cross fire, as this happens the formation starts to close forming a circle around the opposition, making retreat for the other team impossible. If your team has accurate shooters and no one tries to be the "hero" and this tactic is executed properly this plan is flawless.For just a bunch of weekenders this worked out great

Counter Tactics

If you use strategies or tactics from the internet or where ever you obtain them you got to keep in mind maybe someone you might go up against in the future seen or has the same tactics too!
So this means you should create a counter tactic. If you or your team use a tactic or strategy in the field, use the same tactic or strategy a few times till the other team starts to catch on.
Then once they catch on, and start to counter the tactic or strategy, you'll see how they are going about it and you can put your counter move into effect (provided you have one).Or if you see the other team using the same tactic or strategy as you might want to think about telling your team to use counter tactics if they see the other team using the same tactic or strategy that you were going to use!
In order to counter the tactic, think about what you and/or your team did the last time you use that strategy, maybe there are in the same place. And if they are, you'll then know where they are expecting you to pass by, and you can sneak around! and shoot them. It Also Depends on the field setup and the amount of players on each team.
If you survive the first wave and have a strong force left, you can leave a few player behind to defend the flag, and split the field by taking an attack team (3 or 4 player) on a pinsor move, if your team stays together and moves fast
your team will be effective. If youe get the flag, go back the same way you came from, with the flag carrier in the middle, this way you can still fight your way back to your base.

Ambush Tactic
This one is based on the fact that even the most experienced players don't look around much when they are in the middle of a fire fight.
Suppose you are alone moving through a thick brushy area and see 3 to 4 opponents moving toward your base. Here's what you do, Nothing! That's right, nothing!
Instead just stay low and keep them in sight. Let them pass by and then follow them, as they close in on you base but DO NOT ATTACK (yet). Wait until they begin to attack your base then sneak up from behind and get them. One shot per opponent will usually do it.
They will be so involved in the fire fight that you can almost always get 2 of them before they figure out they have been flanked. Sometimes you can get them all without them knowing where the shots came from.

If the opponents decide to backtrack in your direction you still have the advantage. Why? Because they are heading back toward a point they safely passed only moments ago and their guard will be lowered because of that.

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