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The Shadow

Look, But DO Not See

Instead of attempting to pass the enemy, it is sometimes better to let the enemy pass you.
To accomplish this, it is necessary that the enemy takes no notice to your position (this is where my ghillie suit comes in). This may be done by utilizing a ghillie suit or if you don't have that, a tree or bush or by concealing yourself in a convenient SHADOW if using an obsitcle remain out of site by keeping the obsticle between you and the enemy.
Press against the obsticle with your back, muffle any noise you make moving around the obsticle, by doing this it gives you a base to push off of just in case you have to run for it. When the enemy passes the obsticle move back in front of it and either let him pass and go on to the flag or mow him down! Becoming a part of the scenery requires a calm mind more the anything.

Well I hope this helps you better in your quest to be the "ULTIMATE JONNY AUTOMAG"
As the shadow comes up with new tactics the will be posted here.


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